Cquote1 I am the father of battle! I am... THE LEGEND Cquote2
"The Legend" exclaiming his goal

Mastema is character made by the user Ztarhaven.


A giant looming figure at ten feet all, wearing bulking brass armor with curved shoulder plates and a flowing white robe over the chest and back, along with various charms and accessories for both fashion and increasing his abilities. His helm is a brass mask of an old man with a big beard and a face of agony. He carries a large silver zweihander with runes across the blade in his right hand, while his left his gauntlet has several rings and runes carved into the metal, along with a large pointed shield with vine patterns engraved on it's surface.


"The Legend" is very elitist, even among the Swords of Humanity, who values battle above everything else, and believes he's the best at it next to their leader. He will challenge greater threats without hesitation and would rather die than run from a fight. From this is does not show mercy to anyone, and will kill those who lose to him. Demon, Human, Mobian, Gods, he'll take them all down with no help from others.


To get it out of the way he has the super strength, super durability, battle experience, swordsmanship, ect...

Zweihander of Eternal Flame - His zweihander that's almost a large as he is, sparks intense corrupted flames upon contact rather than it being on fire at will

Mask of Eternal Glory - This mask increases his strength, allowing him to carry all his armor and his zweihander with relative ease, goes with the next two runes

"Mountain" Rune - This rune inscribed into his mind increase his strength

"Demigod" Rune - This rune inscribed into his mind increases his strength, his stamina, and his inhuman powers

"Archdragon" Rune - This rune inscribed into his mind dramatically increase his defense, turning his own skin into something akin to stone, and greatly increase the damage of his fire attacks



- His mask is fragile, a strike there can break it and leave his head vulnerable

- His pyromancy is limited, he can't spam it unendingly

- He is not speedy compared to normal people

- His armor has openings, allowing for smaller objects to hit open spots

- His armor can be fucked by maces designed for the job and large objects

- Arrogant and will underestimate opponents

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