I'm doing a second series, more of a series of shorts annnd just gonna write these when I don't feel like writing the main series.

NOTE: The events in the Archie version are not canon, however the feats shown could be completed, i.e. Nathan blowing up a planet with his toe, if he does it in Archie he doesn't canonly do it but it is something he COULD canonly do.

Nathan & Squadron #5

Battle Royale Arc

Chapters: 3

Fights: Terrance vs Kenzie, Xaoc vs Zak vs Ty, More Things

Invasion of Mobius Arc

Chapters: 7

Fights: S.O.P.M. vs Demon Army, Squadron #5 vs Division #8, Infernorum vs Jay, Lumina vs Infernorum, Luxia vs Infernorum, Terrance vs Infernorum, Kenzie vs Infernorum, Nathan vs Infernorum

 ??? Arc

 ??? Arc

Final Arc (Probably)

Zak & X

Mercenary of the Night Arc

Chapters: 7

Fights: Zak vs Alie, Zak vs Jackie, Zak vs X

Versewalker Arc

Chapters: 4

Fights: X vs Lyla, X vs Deria, X vs Zak, X vs Xaoc

Silk, Arei & Goli

Neo, Tekki & Jules


Trick VS Josh Arc

Chapters: 9

Fights: Nathan vs Adex, Adex (and some Forces) vs Luxia and Terrance, S.O.P.M. vs Jkirk, Nathan vs Adex, Nathan vs Joshua, Nathan vs RSG, Omnita vs RSG, Squadron #5 vs Adex and Joshua, Nathan vs Joshua (Livid Alteration)

Trick VS Dub Arc

Chapters: 7

Fights: Kenzie vs Corta, Ion vs Kenzie, Nathan (Restricted to Base) vs Ion (Restricted to Base), Core Guardians (Ion Restricted to Base) vs Squadron #5 (Nathan Restricted to Base), Super Nathan (Super) vs Ion (Atomic) Round 2 (No Restrictions), Core City Guardians vs S.O.P.M., Nexo vs Natharrance (No Restrictions) Gavin vs Terrance, Nathan vs Ion Final Round (No Restrictions)

Trick VS Dio Arc

Chapters: 5

Fights: Kenzie vs Xia, Ty vs Kenzie, Nathan vs Ty, Vuxo (Restricted to Base) vs Nathan, Omnita vs Vuxo, All (No Omnita) vs All (No Vuxo) whilst Vuxo vs Omnita round 2 is a 1v1 happening aswell.

Trick VS Luna Arc

Chapters: 6

Fights: Zak vs Phantom, Nathan vs Rowland, Nathan vs Rosa, Squadron #5 vs Calypso and Arraura, Luxia vs Io

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