(In case you're wondering why I'm doing this already, it's because Nick/Trick haven't taken their turn in almost a month now)




Tortuah's 1st Turn

"Welcome to my realm, feeble-minded one".

"You take another step forward and your ass is done".

"I'm the true betrayer, I hold this throne".

"You need your bitchy echidna to be something, I rule alone".

"Step up punk, I'll knee you your fucking d***".

"I'll drop your ass faster than you lost to Nick"!

Nate's 1st Turn

"So let me get this right, it's me against some old guy"?

"Anyway, please don't have a heart attack or die".

"I don't need Mikasa to beat you, look at my feats".

"I've survived multiple bouts with Nick, so fuck your knee".

"I ain't scared of an asshole who's older than my cave".

"The last time you ever were respected was before the caveman age"!

Tortuah's 2nd Turn


"So much talk from that ass of a mouth".

"I'll freeze your ass with the North and thaw ya out like the South".

"I'm globally, economically, historically known".

"You fought Johnny, and you got your ass owned"!

"You shoot flames like a bird without a beak".

"It appears, asshole, that you're out of your league"!

Nate's 2nd Turn

<turns super>

"I'm the most fucking feared mobian since Vuxo's days".

"I steal, steal bank accounts, and STILL get paid"!

"What you gotta say about that"? "Mister North & South"?

"How I about I come over there and kick you in your fat mouth"!?

"I may lose to Nick, but I still come back". "That's more than you can say".

"Why don't you leave again and come back someday"?

Tortuah's 3rd Turn

<turns in god form>

"Foolish mortal, I am a God who walks this planet with men".

"You lost that tournament, you couldn't beat Nick even then". (The HD1 Tournament to be exact)

"I am Tortuah The Hedgehog, I never lose".

"You must be pretty depressed, you should go and try some booze".

"I'm the starter of chaos, so yes bitch, I'm a fucking cynic".

"I'm a betrayer that a goofy copycat like you mimics"!

Nate's 3rd Turn

<turns super 2>

"You may have come first, but I'm better".

"Let me put the stamp on this ass-whooping, fuck a letter".

"One, you're dead". "Two, you were killed by your own ancestor".

"You hold the throne"? "Then bitch, say hello to your successor".

"We seem to have plenty in common". "We're both very bold".

"Except I became stronger than my rival when I was fucking 8 years old"!

Tortuah's Punchline

<laughs at Nate before bitchsmacking him and knocking him out of super 2>

"Your puny raps can't even mark me". "Fuck you, you don't even have any battle tension".

"I'd tell you to go eat a d***, but that would be beyond your comprehension"!





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