Xirsec's 1st Turn

"It's been a while since I've come to battle in this series".

"But I'll kick your ass like your niece Ciri"!

"I have enough power to match my brother, how about you"?

"Oh that's right, daddy had to come and straighten out you 2".

"But even if it's against a loser, to be here, I'm glad".

"By the way, how did it feel to be killed by your own dad"?

Mercury's 1st Turn

"You match Nick"? "Not even in your dreams".

"Last time you 2 fought, you were brought to your knees".

"You very clearly are of the sort that don't know their place in this cycle".

"And you don't wanna fuck with me, I can be worse than a fucking psycho".

"I lost to my brother, and you did too".

"Now bitch, come at me with your pointless round 2".

Xirsec's 2nd Turn

<turns angry>

"Pointless"? "I'll make your ass pay like a tax".

"I'll kill you faster than Nick did to Nappaxe"!

"I have energy shots, and telekinesis too".

"Every power I have can kill you".

"But I'm partial to the one I used to build my own nation".

"Prepare yourself for my Ultra Devastation"!

<uses UD>

Mercury's 2nd Turn

<turns super and growls as he holds back the blast>

<Mercury crushes the blast into a ball and then throws it at the moon, causing it to explode>

"Your puny raps do not unnerve me, inferior son of the Lich King".

"If I wanted a great battle, I should've given Nickolas a ring". (Like call him out or something)

"You aren't as strong as your brother, and everyone knows it".

"Your refusal to admit it is a sign of immaturity among a conglomeration of multi-lateral planes of existence".

"You can't touch me, and you never will even come close".

"The way you go about this crap, is truly doing the most".

Xirsec's 3rd Turn

<turns into a hydra>

"Such foolish insolence coming from a dead traitor".

"Like Shadow the Hedgehog, I'll call you a fucking faker"!

"You must be a thing of the past, so there's the door".

"But I must be Billy Mays, because WAIT THERE'S MORE"!

"You are unaccomplished in every sense of the word, truly a marvel in this age".

"So enough of you, go back to living in failure for the rest of your days"!

Mercury's 3rd Turn

<laughs and then turns into Light form>

"Now that you're done, I'll finish breaking you like a bunch of twigs".

"I heard you like boat rides, wanna take a trip down River Styx"?

"I'm the 1st evil sibling in your family's entire history".

"And as far as I'm concerned, I no longer feel misery".

"After all, I'm a perfect model of being the evil brother". "So yes, I'm a cynic".

"And I'm the master of evil that a talent-less bitch like you mimics"!





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