Fanon Arena is a third person Online MOBA/Beat' em-Up Game with characters from Nicks Fanon Wiki. Players Embark in 4v4, 3v3, 2v2, and 6 Player Battle Royal type Battles. The game also has co-op survival where players fight waves of enemies for as long as they can. Play as characters from Fan Universes from Sonic, Mega Man, DBZ, and more or Create a fighter from fanon's that are on the wiki or that exist from a Game, Anime, or Original Universes that are either spin-offs or completely new.



Mega Man

Dragon Ball


Freedom Planet

Fairy Tail


Devil May Cry


Street Fighter


Killer Instinct


Gun Gale Online/Sword Art Online


Valkyria Chronicles


Note that the stages are Fused locations, Two locations are fused to create one Stage/Arena

Green Hill/Hidden Leaf Village

Mega City/West City

Core City/Dragon Valley

Neo Center/SBC Glocken

Mishima Outpost/EggmanLand

Fused Battlegrounds (Pre-Crisis)

Fused Battlegrounds (Post-Crisis)

Jeweled Scepter Shrine/Master Emerald Shrine



  • Nick
  • Ion
  • Rosa
  • Vuxo
  • Corta
  • Scruff
  • Magnus
  • Hectic

Mega Man

  • Nickolas
  • Casey
  • Brendan

Dragon Ball

  • Nickolas (Saiyan)
  • Fright
  • Neo Android 3/Nami

Neo Reality

  • Nickolas
  • Cody "Dub" Ronin
  • Dio

Freedom Planet

  • Neal

Fairy Tail

  • Nickolas


  • Gae Hagane
  • Shino Inuzuka

More to be added

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