Last Time; Nick, Ty and Rosa fought The Dark Lord, then The Dark Lord used a Dark Whirlwind attack to destroy almost all of Soleanna!

The Episode

Nick woke up in a black room.

"Good you're up." A Red Hedgehog said, he was wearing black shoes and a tuxedo with black pants, he was also the one Leading the small council from last episode.

"Who are yo-?" Nick started.

"I am Arwin." The Leader said.

"Hi Arwin." Nick said.

"Anyway, I have assembled an Army, matter of fact you and I are travelling right now." Arwin said, he pressed a button and they saw they were high up (about 10 feet) and a large army of Mobians with swords and Green Armor, and Mobians with Green Army Uniforms and Guns, a few of them were carrying a Black Box with Nick and Arwin in it.

"I am The Leader, but I will not be able to command, so you are the Leader, Ty is the Second in Command." Arwin said.

The Army stopped, an army of Darkness were standing there, same types of soldiers.

Nick and Arwin jumped out of the box, which the soldiers holding threw away.

"ATTACK!" Nick and The Dark Lord shouted, The Armies ran at each other, Swords Clashing, Gunshots everywhere, planes and tanks firing shots at each other.

Arwin and The Dark Lord fought, Arwin had a Giant Sword that Turned into a Giant Laser Cannon.

Nick and Ty fought the Two strongest soldiers.

A Few Planes fell, Tanks blew up and soldiers were getting killed left, right and center.

Then we see a POV of a Mobian, with a Metallic hand pointed at the Dark Army.

"Bang." The Mobian said, then a tiny ball flew at the ground where the Dark Army was, creating a MASSIVE explosion, then The Mobian jumped down, revealing to be Enlightenment Hectic!

Hectic used his Plasma Guns to take down tons of soldiers.

Arwin and The Dark Lord slashed at each other and Arwin used his Cannon-Mode Sword to blast The Dark Lord, then The Dark Lord stabbed Arwin.

Arwin then fell limp on The Dark Lord's Sword, which The Dark Lord then kicked him off of.

Nick beat the guy he was fighting, then flew at The Dark Lord and fought him, easily losing.

The Dark Lord landed a ton of slashes and stabs on Nick, then he kicked him to the ground.

Bloody and Half-Dead, Nick was powerless as The Dark Lord stomped on Nick's chest a few times and then jumped back and then charged a blast, then fired it.

Then, a Green Shield with Familiar Energy blocked it, and a Grey-Furred arm reached out to help Nick up.


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