Last time; Nick became Elder God and beat The Dark Lord, but he was a girl? Now, Nick is finding a way to heal everyone.

The Episode

It had been a few days, people were still injured.

Nick remembered something though, last time he talked to Kioku, he told him about when Cydik and Metal destroyed Mobius.

"No problem, now, I am Kioku the South Vikor, we are the Gods of Gods, now you must find the Wish Stone on our Planet to reverse the destruction of Mobius." I told them.

But he couldn't get back there, so he thought; Suicide.

Nick began to write something.

"Dear Lunari, I have killed myself to get to the world of the Vikors, I could not find another way there, It's for the greater Good and to reserve The Dark Lord's destruction. Don't worry though, I'll be back soon!" The note read.

By the time Lunari read it, Nick had already killed himself and was already talking to Kioku.

"Where is the Wish Stone?" Nick asked.

"We have upgraded it's defenses since last time incase Cydik or Metal tried to get here, but I'm sure you could handle it." Kioku said. "It's down south."

"I can handle it." Nick said turning Elder God, he flew around the planet to where it was.

A giant Echidna punched Nick, but Nick blocked it and punched the Echidna, then blasted it away.

Nick grabbed the Stone.

"I wish, for Mobius to be completely restored and everyone revived." Nick said, then him and everyone were revived and he waved goodbye to Kioku.

Then, Nick woke up and flew into his house.

"I'm back!" Nick said and Lunari came and hugged him.

"Good." Lunari said giving him a kiss.

Everyone that was hurt or killed by The Dark Lord had been revived and healed and Mobius restored.


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