Last Time; Nick healed and revived everyone with the Wish Stone!

The Episode

Nick left to go get the others, Rosa, Hectic, Dawn, Dillian, Io and Lexie to all hangout.

After about three minutes, the computer rang.

Nick answered it and a hologram of a Light Blue female Hedgehog appeared.

"Hello, Saviors of Mobius." It said. "I am Skye. You have all been invited to The Sky Diamond Tournament. A Tournament of the single best fighters.The winner gets an amazing and extraordinary prize. We do hope you come. This message is from The Skye Organization."

The hologram then vanished and a map appeared showing them where it was.

"I say we go!" Nick said.

"Sounds fun!" Dillian said.

"I don't wanna fight..." Lexie said.

Lunari Pat Lexie.

"It's OK, You don't have too." Lunari said.

And with that, Nick teleported them away.


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