Last Time; Nick and Volo fought! Nick barely won! Now, Nick must defeat Diwedd!

The Episode

Skye called Nick and Diwedd.

Diwedd was a Purple Hedgehog who wore nothing, like Nick.

"Fight!" Skye shouted.

Diwedd shot energy blasts at Nick.

Nick dodged them all.

Nick turned Elder God and readied his sword.

Diwedd and Nick attacked each other and matched blow for blow.

Nick was about to land a slash on Diwedd, but Diwedd landed a punch on Nick's chest.

"Fu-" Nick started, but Diwedd kicked him into a wall. "-ck."

Nick charged up some energy and sliced at Diwedd but it was blocked, then Diwedd punched Nick again.

Nick charged a powerful slash which hit Diwedd, Directly in the face.

Nick took the opportunity to rapidly slice Diwedd 12 times, then blasted him.

Diwedd skidded to a stop.

"I'd love to continue this fight, trust me, I would, but I have things to do." Diwedd said, then he jumped over the arena wall and bleachers (which was about 50 feet high) and flew away.

"That's a ring out!" Skye shouted. "Nick wins!"

Nick was going to go to the medical room, but everyone else had been healed and went to hug Nick.

"You did it!" Lunari said.

"Yep." Nick said.

Skye floated down.

"Alright, that's taken care of, now let's take Skye down." Dillian said.

Skye stood behind them.

"Excuse me?" Skye said. "SECURITY!"

Large Armored Hedgehogs grabbed them and took them under the main arena, and threw them into a cave and closed the jail cell-esque door.


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