Last Time; Things are getting intense! This looks to be the final attack!

The Episode

Dawn fired her laser, Albino Flames mixed with Umbra Lightning coated in Boiling Water.

Nick fired his ball of energy, which seemed to actually turn into a beam.

The attacks collided, Nick's attack seemed to overpower Dawn's.

"Welp, Sorry about this." Nick said as he won the clash.

Dawn was hit with the force of both the attacks knocking her to a distant star.

As Dawn got back on her feet, Nick was floating down infront of her.

"Fuck..." Dawn said. "You..."

Dawn picked up the star and bashed it into Nick.

Nick was knocked back, but teleported behind Dawn and elbowed her in the back.

Nick seemed to have a disappointed, slightly angry expression.

Dawn had dropped her scythe, so she just charged energy into her fist.

"You're a good fighter." Nick said.

Dawn punched with the force to shatter a dimension, but Nick caught it.

"But I think I'm stronger than you." Nick said, Dawn was pissed off but Nick's expression made it seem he wasn't trying.

The screen fades to black and lights back up to the real Mobius.

Dillian and the others were with Justin who seemed to be projecting the live fight on a screen for them to watch.

Nick and Dawn appeared from a symbol in their base forms, leaning against each other to support their weight.

"Oh hey, they're back." Justin said.

"Yea, we're back and tired." Nick said.

"I'm taking a nap." Dawn said.

"Me too." Nick said as they walked to Nick's room.

After their delightful 2 hour nap they were awake and bored.

"Can I ask you something?" Nick said.

"Ask away." Dawn said.

"Why did you lash out against us?" Nick asked.

"Well, when I was revived, the first thing I saw wasn't you guys..." Dawn said. "Instead of you, I saw Vuxo."

"And why's that?" Nick said.

"A spell of some sort." Dawn said. "But that wore off halfway through our match, after that I was just doing it for the thrill of the fight."

Nick shrugged.

"Welp, Question is why was a spell put on you in the first place." Nick said. "But I'd rather not go through twelve episodes of Phoenix Wright-ing everything."

"Yea, that'd be kinda boring." Dawn said.

Lunari and Dillian came into the room.

"What are we talking about?" Lunari asked in her usual cheerful voice.

"Why Dawn attacked me for no reason." Nick said.

"Well that's fun." Dillian said.

"Yeeeeaaaaaaaaa.." Nick said. "Now do you have anything actually fun to do?"

"Nope." Dillian said. "Unless you think hunting down a special artifact is fun."

"Not fun." Nick said.

"But! You get to beat up robots that are trying to steal it." Dillian said.

"Let's go, Right now." Nick said.

They teleported off.


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