Last Time; Volo was pissed off and fought Nick, Nick barely pulled out victorious!

The Episode

Dillian helped Nick so he wouldn't faint.

"Thanks..." Nick said.

"Can't letcha die on us can we?" Dillian said.

"No we can't." Nick said.

Then a Mysterious Dark Fog appeared.

"The Fuck?" Nick said.

Nick summoned his Light Sword.

"There's an Emerald in the center of it!" Nick shouted.

"Well then let's smash it!" Dillian shouted back.

The Fog formed a Golem that bashed Nick and Dillian away, Dillian ran back and tried to attack it, but his attacks fazed right through it.

"What the fuck?!" Dillian shouted, then the Golem punched him away.

"Dillian!" Nick shouted, then looked at the Golem while his eyes started glowing. "Looks like only Light can hurt Darkness."

Nick slashed the golem's arm off, which then disintegrated the arm.

The Golem punted Nick away, but Nick flew back.

"You're dead, bitch!" Nick shouted.

The Golem tried to kicked Nick like a soccer ball, but Nick was ready and cut the Golem's leg off, causing it to fall.

The Fog reformed into a Dragon.

"Oh you wanna a Dragon Fight?!" Nick shouted turning Dragon. "HERE YOU GO!"

The Fog Dragon shot a Darkness Ball at Nick, but Nick shot a Fireball which hit the Darkness Ball causing both the attacks to explode.

They both shot a beam at each other, but Nick used a Symbol to amplify his which destroyed the fog Dragon and it's beam.

"Alright, time to see that Emerald." Nick said turning back to base, then turned around. "Dillian!"

Nick dashed to Dillian to help him, Then the fog reappeared behind Nick and reformed into a Golem.

The Golem readied his fist and slammed down on Nick and Dillian, but then it fades to black.


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