Last Time; Nick defeated an evil Emerald, but it has reformed and is about to kill him!

The Episode

Just before he slammed onto Nick, a white blur came and went right through the Emerald, causing it to explode.

"Woah!" Nick shouted before it blew up. "Who did that?"

"Me..." A Masked Hedgehog said, he was wearing heavy armor.

"Thanks." Nick said.

"You are welcome..." The Hedgehog said.

"What's your name?" Nick said.

"You've met me before." The Hedgehog said.

"That doesn't help, Professor Secret." Nick said.

"Just call me Arcanum." The Hedgehog said.

"Latin for Mysterious? Yea Sure why not." Nick said.

"I have come for one reason." Arcanum said. "To tell you of something."

"Then tell me." Nick said.

"A Great Evil approaches." Arcanum said pointing his extremely long sword at Nick. "Make sure you defeat it. It is much stronger than this Emerald was."

Arcanum was about to leave, but Nick stopped him, then Nick grabbed his Mask and pulled it off.

"Wait, What?!" Nick shouted, The Mask revealed another Mask, then Arcanum snatched his Mask back.

"Nice try." Arcanum said.

"Spar with me!" Nick said.

"Uhh, Why?" Arcanum said.

"You could be weak as shit and if you aren't, then we'll need your help." Nick said.

"As you wish." Arcanum said.

They got ready to fight.


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