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Jules is a light blue echidna who leads the purity army which acts as sort of a universal police.


Jules is tough, and always ready for battle, on the outside. on the inside, Jules is caring and gentle with people she loves. she's passionate about what she cares about. fierce but loving.




Energy Manipulation - Jules can use her sword to concentrate and focus her energy, she can do it without a sword or weapon but it is sloppy and poorly aimed.

Flight/Teleportation - Jules uses magic to use teleportation. she learned to fly from her mother.


The Enforcer - Jules' pupils disappear and her auras becomes white. her power is multiplied by two and any damage absorbed before-hand is completely healed. she also gains the ability to create energy shields.


Pride - Jules has tons and tons of pride which can be exploited.

Energy Manipulation - as mentioned earlier, Jules needs her sword to manipulate energy, take away her sword, then you take away her energy attacks and melee weapon.

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