Nick looks like his usual self, except wears a Black Cape, Black and Red Crown and Jet Black Armor, similar to Vuxo's, except less beneficial.


Nick is Cruel and Heartless, always trying to start wars and torture people, he is coldblooded and will always arrest people and throw them in the dungeon, he is almost the opposite of his Hero's Destiny Counterpart.


Everything that his Counterpart has, except Black and Red.

Nickolas Boom - This is a modified version of the sonic boom, where he shouts "NICKOLAS BOOM" this has him dash faster than sonic's sonic boom speed, he is also with a red aura. after intense training can be turning into the Nickolas Air Boom, making him able to fly this can easily kill a minor enemy and do major damage to a stronger enemy, this takes up a 4th of his energy.

Pyrokinesis - he does have a flaming essential however it does have limits.

Electrokinesis - he does have the ability to control lightning.

Chaos - Nick mastered the art of Chaos Energy

Power Share - Nick is able to give his lifeforce, super form and powers.

Mental Equipping - Nick is able to go into his own mind and pick a large selection of weapons, and some items aren't weapons, however the Nick in the real world is stunned and can't move as he needs to concentrate to go into his mind while staying in the real world.


Dark Trident - He has a Trident similar to Asgore's, except Black, It can control darkness better than Phantom and Gabranth Combined.


ASGORE Remix -RetroSpecter-03:58

ASGORE Remix -RetroSpecter-

King Nick's Battle Theme

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