This is going to be Fan-Fic based on the King of Mobius AU.

The Story

Nate was talking with some other Rebels.

"We need a better plan this time." Nate said.

"We've tried almost everything." Mikasa said.

"I've got an Idea." Cydik said. "You two take on the King and Queen, I can take the Kid, Then everyone else flanks the back and destroys the castle."

"Cydik, This is why I almost Married you instead of Nate." Mikasa said.

"Wait what?" Nate said.

"Let's go!" Cydik said, a few days later they gathered the forces and went to the castle.

Nate burst into the Castle blasting guards away.

"Oh, You again." King Nick said. "I've grown tired of you."

King Nick, Queen Lunari and Prince Micheal got up.

"Let's End Them." Prince Micheal said.

"Good Idea." King Nick said.

They all rushed at Each other creating an Explosion.

Nick shot flames at Nate who retorted with a lightning bolt.

Lunari kicked Mikasa and punched her into the ground.

Micheal kicked Cydik 20 times and blasted him away.

"Don't underestimate me just because I'm a kid." Micheal said.

Cydik came back in Techno Mode and shot at Micheal, who blocked it and blasted Cydik again and kicked the shit out of him, nearly killing him.

Lunari used her Spirit Form to fight Mikasa so her body wouldn't get injured, she eventually beat Mikasa and almost killed her.

Nick and Nate went at it for an hour, until Nick stabbed Nate and impaled him to the ground with his trident.

Nick killed them all and hung they're corpses outside and shouted to everyone.

"This is what happens when you try to Rebel." Nick shouted.

The End...?

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