Sonic Nick

"Oh? Hey. Didn't except to see you here, Me? I'm just here, floating in god's mind. I just sit here. In my own little space, waiting for other thoughts to come here. Sometimes I see, the future of myself. This is how I know everyone in my universe and other's, I meet them in here, it's how I break the fourth wall, Oh! I'm going into a thought!"

Nick appeared in a wasteland putting his hand on his arm breathing heavily, with some of his friends, but severely injured or dead, and a black hedgehog was there, laughing.

"You heartless bastard..." Nick said turning Super.

"Pitiful you thought you could even hurt me." The Hedgehog said.

"You... You... You..." Nick said, but fell down, then got back up in Super 3. "You Bastard!"

"You still think you can beat me?" The Hedgehog, Hamaveck, said, the chains he had entered an X shape. "Come at me then!"

Nick flew at Hamaveck and punched him, but Hamaveck moved his hand upwards which caused a chain to block it, then one stabbed Nick and Hamaveck kicked him away.

Nick punched Hamaveck a few times, but Hamaveck blocked them with chains, then punched Nick.

"Give up!" Hamaveck shouted blasting Nick.

Nick turned Mystic and punched Hamaveck, he tried to use a chain, But Nick busted right through it.

Hamaveck turned Dark Chaos Form.

Then everything disappeared and Nick was back in his little box.

No, No, No!!! Nick wouldn't have Mystic yet!

"That? That's just God's voice, well His inner voice, His thought voices? You get the point. Anyway, I'm going to see some other thoughts..."

Nick floated out of his little box and saw a crowd of Mobians around two people chanting 'FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!' He then walked into the circle of Mobians enough to see Dillian and Dalton circling each other, fists raised.

"What's Going on?"

"Somethin about a Rosy or something." One of them said.


Dalton and Dillian started trading blows.

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