Mabell the Hedgehog is a character created by Lunari64 on 2/6/16.


Mabell is a very light lavender hedgehog, with long, droopy quills. She is very tall, and has turquoise eyes, along with somewhat small angel wings. She usually wears indigo robes.


Mabell is very happy-go-lucky, trusting, and friendly. She is somewhat patient, and very loyal to Arraura.





Mabell, much like the spirits she is an angel for, can turn invisible at will. However, anyone with supernatural senses can still sense her presence, often rendering this useless among the gods and angels.


Mabell can also shrink to miniscule sizes, a power granted to her by Arraura. This is something she uses to get through small spaces, and sometimes for stealth and surprise attacks.


  • Mabell's name was originally going to be spelled Mabel, but Mabell was a typo, and it stuck.

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