Marcus "Flex" Maxwell is a villain protagonist in Jaredthefox92's Dimensional Wars continuity. He is a Moebian soldier who has served in both the Anti Mobian Army and the New Order. He is a veteran combatant and is known for his laziness, his good intentions, his laid back attitude, and his goofing off.Marcus is the anti-brother of Rukus the Cat.
Ama soldier marcus by midnightflaze-d5ni7p4

Marcus in AMA 'Trooper' uniform


Standing at a normal adult Mobian height of 3.7ft, Marcus is a blue fured Moebian cat with red eyes, (which is a recessive genetic trait on Moebius). He is usually seen in various uniforms and often wearing different gear according to the task at hand.


"Shit! Enemy dudes, 12 o clock! Light em up! Light em up!"~Marcus under fire.

Marcus is very bizzare for a soldier as he possesses all the traits that normally would be seen as bad for the army, but in combat he shows bravery, skill, and your average Moebian ferocity.


Theme Song: (2016)

Socom 2 Theme song02:08

Socom 2 Theme song

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