Micheal is the Child of Nick and Lunari and the 12th Legendary Warrior.


Micheal is a Dark Green Hedgehog with a Birthmark on his Left Quill.


Light Sword - Passed down from Nick, Micheal has the Divine Light Sword.


Spirit Form - Passed through Lunari's Genetics, Micheal has obtained the Spirit Form.

Pyrokinesis - Passed down from Nick, Micheal has obtained Pyrokinesis.

Electrokinesis - Passed down from Nick and Lunari, Micheal is a master Electrokinetic.

Telepathy - Similarly to his Electrokinesis, Micheal has gained Telepathy.

Mental Equipping - Micheal has Mental Equipping, but on a much smaller scale and less items.

Super Speed - Micheal can run faster than the Speed of Light.

Teleportation - Micheal can teleport.

Various Jutsu's - Nick has taught Micheal the art of Jutsu's.

High-Level Magic - Micheal can perform extremely high level magic.

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