Welcome to Neo Reality, allow to show you the things.


In Neo Reality, the World has been nearly destroyed, so people have created a newer, BETTER reality, similar to Sword Art Online, they made a gamelike reality. They cannot logout and reenter reality as they would definitely die, as the world is radiated, and the main system has been damaged trapping them inside. A few people are trying to fix the system.


Neo Reality takes place within a VRMMORPG-like video game. Levels and HP Bars are essantial. There are exactly 6,428 places, and 12 realms. Places are small levels, Realms are gigantic places where if you Overthrow the ruler of it, YOU become the ruler. The Super Realm is ruled by the Top Player, he is constantly challenged and is always victorious.

That's everything you need too know about Neo Reality.

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