DISCLAIMER: Subject #1730 is non-canon to any and all series of Tricktron's, and any others. Any usage of this character without my permission will result in a ban or complaint to Wikia Staff. You have been warned.

Subject #1730 is a grey hedgehog who stands at 3'10".


Swordsmanship - Subject #1730 was able to outclass the greatest swordsman in the omniverse, he far outclasses the 'best' such as Nick and Ty.

Gunsmanship - Subject #1730 is the best gun user there is.

Elekinesis - Subject #1730 is able to control all 8 of the main elements being a Tier 10 user in each.

Magic - Subject #1730 is a master mage, Tier 39. (For Magic there is 40 Tiers.)

Chronokinesis - Subject #1730 is a Tier 10 Chronokinetic.

Reality Warping - Subject #1730 is a Tier 10 Reality Warper. Bill Cipher WISHES he was as good at Reality Warping as Subject #1730.


Omni-Guns - Subject #1730 has guns that fire whatever he feels they need to. The bullets can pierce through timelines easily.

Omni-Blade - He has a Blade that can slice through timelines with no effort (He sometimes does it on accident.) and can use any power he needs it to.


Super - x50 Base

Hyper - x200 Super

Chaotic Super - x500 Hyper

Chaotic Hyper - x100 Chaotic Super

Omni - x1000000 Chaotic Hyper

Chaotic Omni - x100000 Omni

Chaotic Hyper Super Omni - x1000000000000 Chaotic Omni

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