Summon Cards

Summon Cards are cards that mostly likely contain Characters that can be summoned into a Battle.


These cards are very common.

Vexu the Hedgehog

Nappaxe the Hedgehog

Radik the Hedgehog

Zigath the Hedgehog

Lexie the Fox


Casey (Robo-Fate)


Rikai the Hedgehog

Mikasa the Echidna

Rosa the Hedgehog



Migi the Fox

Cage the Lynx

Striker the Mink

NR Luna

Hectic the Hedgehog

Hectic the Cyberhog

NR Joel

ToZ Jack

Metal Io

RI-CU7 Terminator

Militant Soldier


These cards are slightly rarer, but still pretty Common.

Gavin the Mongoose


Seth the Hedgehog

Alice the Hedgehog

Haely the Bat

Phantom the Asshole

Xicorith the Hedgehog

Jack the Hedgehog

Nickolas (Undertale)

Jack (Undertale)

Jex Travis

Super Rare

Slightly Harder to find cards, but still slightly common.

Alex the Hedgehog

Dillian the Hedgehog

Otega the Hedgehog

Tex the Falcon


Nathan (Neo Reality)


Dillian (Tale of Z)

Ultra Rare

Very Rare cards and extremely uncommon.

Joshua Sentrium Burns

Adex Zarvok Burns

Lunari the Echidna

Corta the Cardinal

Nick (Neo Reality)

Luna (Robo-Fate)

Darth Man

Mystic Rare

Extremely Rare Cards that you might never come across.

Justin the Hedgehog

Tenyu the Hedgehog

Maximus the Hedgehog

Mia the Hedgehog

The Lich King

Josh Aelianos

Empty the Slot

Empty the Slot


There are only 12 Legendary Cards, and 1 of Each.

Nickolas the Hedgehog

Ion the Hedgehog

Dio (Neo Reality)

Nick (Robo-Fate)

Nick (Tale of Z)

(The Other 7 Haven't been discovered yet)

Fusion Cards

These cards can only be obtained if you fuse 2 cards mid-battle or out of battle.

Io the Cat

Nickolari the Echidhog

Nion the Hedgehog

Tealex the Hedgefalcon

Nickximus the Hedgehog


Joshua Aelianos Burns


Darth Synth

Jackolas (Undertale)

Gear Cards

Gear cards are gear for the Summoner, if all the Summoner's cards faint, they use a Gear Card, which gives them gear to fight, however certain Gear Cards like the Core Keys or Nick's Emerald, CAN be used on a Summon.


Sword & Shield

Axe & Shield

Duel Swords

Original Staff (can be used by any Ether Spirit)


Gauntlets & Full-Body Armor

Giant Sword

Plasma Cannon

Hybrid Staff (Can be used by Airion and Io)

Youkai Staff (Can be used by Celeste and Io)

Super Rare

Gauntlets, Full-Body Armor & Wings

Godly Armor & Godly Sword

Duel Axe

Ultra Rare

Paradox Armor & Paradox Sword

Core Keys

Chaos Emeralds

Mystic Rare

Master Emerald

Super Emeralds

Godly Armor, Godly Sword & Godly Shield


Note; Unlike the Summons, there are only 7 Legendary Gear cards

Chaos Emeralds, Super Emeralds, Master Emeralds & Nick's Emerald

Elder God Armor & Elder God Sword

(The other 5 haven't been discovered yet)

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