The Emilials are a species consisting of blue amphibian-like creatures that can grow from 2"2" feet to 8"11" (males) or 8"7" (females) feet throughout their long life-span. Like the basic amphibian on Planet Mobius, they also are invertebrates, animals that do not have backbones. Their appearance can be described as lean, with a black spot running all the way down their back until stopping at the edge of their stomach. Their arms and legs are very flexible and expandable, with them having webbed fingers and growing one toe through each of their stages. They also have a tail.

Young Emilials are the same as their parents, with the males having two horns, while the females have one. The young male's height is from 1"0" to 2"2 feet, while the girls grow from 8 inches to 1"9" feet. (This cycle shows the difference of height from when they are babies to children.)

Environmental Needs

  • They are nocturnal, as their moist and fragile skin can easily be burned by the Sun's flares.
  • Unlike some creatures, Emilals like to live in moist, dark places.
  • They are omnivores (even though they look like amphibians, don't let their appearance fool you) as they have a large front jaw that lays outside their mouth. With that being said, they love to feast on insects, smaller organisms, or berries, even if they are poisonous.
  • They can either live on land or in water.


  • They are able to successfully climb on some surfaces, such as rocks or trees.
  • This is a rather impressive technique. When an Emilial has eaten something poisonous (such as a berry), it can concoct some sort of gassy toxin from the food in it's "gills". And then, when either threatened or attacked, it can open its gills and release the toxin from its body at will. When an organism inhales this toxin, the toxin acts as a drug, being able to slow an organism's body functions and brain activity.
  • Their most unique ability is something most spectacular. When an animal has blood leaking from any place on their body, an Emilial will most likely "lap" the blood off. Does this mean that they are vampires? No. In fact, what they are able to do is mix this blood with their's, changing their own DNA pattern in the process! This means they can literally change their body process, being able to give themselves a new trait or ability, change their growth process, add new body parts to themselves, or gain a superpower!
  • Their body is like rubber, rendering themselves almost invincible against physical and natural damage.

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