OK! The First Five Episodes have just dropped!

The Theory Discussion

Episode 1

Episode 1 Was good, it had good humor and a 4 on 1 fight, It was just a Pilot Episode, So I can't be too harsh.

Episode 2

Episode 2 wasn't too eventful, but it DID introduce Volo, which as Nick pointed out, is Latin for Speed.

Episode 3

NOW THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE AN EPISODE! This was just the race, Volo played dirty and tried to knock Nick into the Sun. But Nick used one of his oldest moves; The Nickolas Boom.

Episode 4

NOW THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE ANOTHER EPISODE! Nick vs. Volo has to be the 2nd best fight so far. Speed vs. Speed. F*cking awesome!

Episode 5

BEST ONE YET! Nick vs. The Dark Emerald, Nick vs. The Golem, DRAGON VS. F*CKING DRAGON! It was awesome, and THAT ENDING THOUGH!

The Conclusion

This Show is definetly living up to the hype. Can't wait for Episode 6. K BYE!

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