HOI! it's Dub and I am here to ask if you are willing to make a character for the Core Guardians Reboot?

There will be rules to this so please bare in mind.


  1. No Godly Characters, Thats what Omnita and other characters that aren't mine are for.
  2. The Character Must be COMPLETELY NEW or an ALTERNATE VERSION of an existing character and MUSTN'T be OP as Hell
  3. Choose between 3 Factions: Light Protector, Corruptors, or Neo Mercenary
  4. Once you chose the faction, Then Choose a Group.
  5. Slots Vary on Group, about 5 to 10 slots per Group

That's about it!


These are the factions, Each Faction contains a few Groups and Follow different Morals.

The factions will be explained here.

Once I have enough Characters in each Faction/Group then I can further expand upon it.

Light Protectors

This faction contains heroes and anti-heroes who protect the innocent and the world from conquests and destruction.

Core Guardians

The Core Guardians is a group formed by Ion the Hedgehog (CG) in order to protect the Light Core from Corruptor & Neo Mercenary factions. He is currently looking for Members and Needs Quality Fighters, Mechanics, Scientists, Etc.

Nexo Corp

Nexo Corp is a Private Organization who Fights against Terrorists and Other worldly Invaders. They are allies to the Core Guardians. This Group Consists of mainly Anti-Heroes.


Evil Doers who Corrupt the innocent and even heroes to accomplish their plans, they are usually Conquerors but, some are destroyers.

Cult of the Dark Core

Villains who are trying to undo the seal that Ion's mother has set on the embodiment of Darkness, These Guys/Girls Will Corrupt 

Demonic Lusts

Succubi Summoned by a mere female mobian mortal to make mobius a corrupted world, where Sexual Desires become everywhere and Mobian Succubi become dominant across the world

(Note: these are Mobian Succubi, If you want to have a Character here than you have to make it a her only)


Please note: This is all for now so ask away~

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