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  • Dionisio Garcia

    As most should know, OMB is nearing it's final curtain call.

    So I am asking this now:

    "What should the final match be"?

    I want OMB to end on a good note, so I would like a worthwhile suggestion.

    On top of that, I have some ideas for Trivia Night 2 and the following installments.

    Would anyone else like to help with making questions?

    I'm perfectly fine with collaborations on the series just so it has some fresh air.

    (Because I'm sure it would get boring for me to make 10 questions every time)

    Hell, if 2 of you want to design 1, I'll even sit out for a turn and letcha.

    (But that means I get a chance to answer the questions)

    So yeah, that's all I had to say.

    Lemme know in the comments your thoughts, ideas, opinions, issues, questions, whatever the Hell y…

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  • Dionisio Garcia

    Opponents for OMB

    January 20, 2017 by Dionisio Garcia

    As you all probably know, OMB is nearly over now.

    But there's still 2 more fights before I get to the final OMB.

    But I still opponents for both of those.

    The characters for these 2 fights are as follows:

    Number 98: Adex Zarvok Burns VS ???

    Special Number 11: Team Infection VS ???

    So yeah, I'll take suggestions for both of those fights here.

    If I still don't get any votes for the Adex fight, then I'll pick one from the list I gave. (On the previous fight's page under the NEXT TIME heading)

    As for Team Infection, I'm accepting almost anything that makes sense.

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  • Dionisio Garcia

    OMB Suggestions 2

    October 6, 2016 by Dionisio Garcia

    As most of you should know, Season 8 of OMB is nearly over.

    So I am taking suggestions for the remaining Season 10 spots and the 3 specials that are still left.

    So, does anyone have any good ideas I can use as an OMB?

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  • Dionisio Garcia

    I am taking suggestions for OMB once again.

    Just keep in mind that if a suggestion is accepted, it won't be done until either Season 9 or Season 10.

    With that in mind, feel free to give any logical suggestions.

    Also, since episode 100 is already set in stone, there really is LIMITED time to request battles. All of the season 8 fights have already been decided and 1 of 10 for season 9 has been decided.

    That means that ONLY 21 more suggestions will be accepted before I have to start declining them. There's 9 spots in both Season 9 and Season 10. And then there's the specials for Seasons 8, 9, and 10.

    So yeah, if you have a fight that you NEED to see, the door is slowely closing for your chance. Keep in mind that I said that as fair warning, not H…

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