As most should know, OMB is nearing it's final curtain call.

So I am asking this now:

"What should the final match be"?

I want OMB to end on a good note, so I would like a worthwhile suggestion.

On top of that, I have some ideas for Trivia Night 2 and the following installments.

Would anyone else like to help with making questions?

I'm perfectly fine with collaborations on the series just so it has some fresh air.

(Because I'm sure it would get boring for me to make 10 questions every time)

Hell, if 2 of you want to design 1, I'll even sit out for a turn and letcha.

(But that means I get a chance to answer the questions)

So yeah, that's all I had to say.

Lemme know in the comments your thoughts, ideas, opinions, issues, questions, whatever the Hell you have.

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