Alright, This is for alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll allllllllllllllllllllts. from Zion to Neo.


Yes, me. The first sockpuppet was created on [insert date here], 2016. Why? Well, Nick was collaborating with Dio on a fangame known as Sonic Smash Bros. 2, he felt bad that nobody wanted to join it so he created an alternate account; Tricktron. And made a character; Nathan. He called it Tricktron because it was a trick. He used that character to join the fangame and eventually got bored and handed the account to me. Since then I've added my own touches to Nathan.

Mr. Herpa Derp, Trollface78 & Cole the Terminator

The Trouble Trio, Derp, Troll and Cole were created to help an SFW poll in his favor. The awards poll, not to help Nick win the award, but to get Best Super Form as a category to enter Mystic Nick in. Eventually he just used them as people because he's lonely and his Sonic Fanon WIkia was empty.

Zionic of Mobius

Just another new guy because Nick's Sonic Fanon Wikia was boring.


The most recent, Neo. Neo, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with Nick. This one I made because my account was banned from Sonic Fanon Wikia when Nick was still in possession of it. Annnnd I felt like going there. Made some bois and shet and did shet.

That is the story of each Alt that has belonged to Nick. (aside from the last one but ya'know, that one is relevant.)

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