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  • Ztarhaven

    But for now I'll just give his appearence (also his name is Yami btw)

    Basically he's a lone knight who uses a type of black magic, reminiscent of the abyssal spells of dark souls 1

    He has armor similar to this / Concept Art version but it has shorter cloth with blue not red, some chainmail near the non-metal parts, opening lines around the mask/helmet to see (Kind of like this ), and has black hair

    He also has two dark cutlasses

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  • Ztarhaven

    Catagory Placement

    January 6, 2017 by Ztarhaven

    I would like to rework how we add catagories 

    Right now we just have just add them at random, but I prepose we have an order of how it goes

    Creator > Fanon > Species > Gender > Alignment > Kenetics > Other Power > Weapons > Class > Faction

    Now I'll do it all for you guys since i'm bored, but first, do you agree?


    WHEW! That was a lot, I'll do more tomorrow~!

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