Vezati is a Red and Yellow Hedgehog with Blue and Green Eyes.


Vezati is Two Hedgehogs in one Body.

Jake a fun loving dude who usually doesn't do anything.

Chase a Serious guy who is always trying to do things for the better.

Long ago an Evil Wizard was destroying Mobius and Chase and Jake went to fight him, They did. When they were losing they had a plan. Fusion. But when they did, The wizard laughed and used a Spell to make them permanently fused, but without the power boost of a Fusion, Before they could attack, the wizard vanished. When the Spell was cast, Something weird happened to they're powers, they could switch to each other's skillset.


Jake's Abilites/Weaknesses - Pyrokinesis, Geokinesis, High Attack Power, Low Defense, Cannot Do Any Support, Only has Attack Abilites

Chase's Abilites/Weaknesses - Electrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, High Defense Power, Low Attack, Cannot Do Good Offense, Only has Support Abilites


Vezati means Bind in Croatian.

Vezati was originally named Eden, but was changed since there's another Eden.

Vezati was going to be scrapped because *points to Io* but then, I said fuck the police, and made him anyway.

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