Sorry guys, I got a bit sidetracked and forgot last week's analysis. But here it is!

Today, we will take a look at Lunari.








Rank B-


Lunari has some rather impressive feats.

1.She survived experimentation from Eggman.

Experimentation is generally painful and takes forever for it to end. But Eggman experimented on her spirit. Something that shouldn't even be possible except for in sci-fy. Even imagining the amount of pain, it's unbelieveble that she survived, let alone got powers from it.

Bravo to you Lunari. You literally survived the impossible.

2.The fact she even has a super form.

As you can probably tell, spirit energy is very fickle. It's energy waves move differently from your average Mobian. If it's used right, it could make you undetectable to almost any sensory type. However, super form is achieved from chaos energy. You know how electricity acts towards coding right? Well that's how chaos energy would react to spiritual power. That's why Tikal couldn't use the chaos emeralds to fight Chaos herself.

3.The fact she can use electricity.

Electricity has both positive and negative charges in it right? Well think about how those charges would effect a half spirit body. If a physical body would get shocked, a spiritual body would get displaced. Meaning the particles would shift around quite a bit. Combining those, Lunari gets shocked and her particles act weird every few seconds. Now imagine going through that for about 7 or 8 years.

The fact that her electricity just doesn't cause her to explode is impressive enough. But the fact that she can control it makes it even more impressive.


Lunari is ultimatly what she is meant to be.

She's good at fire support, and is quite reliable.

However, she isn't a leader or a frontline fighter.

She may be average in strength, speed,and durability. But her higher-than-average intelligence plus her amount of skill in her powers are enough to amplyfy the effects to high levels.

The Conclusion

Life is usually full of struggles.

But Lunari is living proof that it IS possible to succeed. Despite the struggles.

(Dio) Join me next time as I analyse a certain jutsu master.



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