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Cquote1 "It's funny how you think you can win. This battle is hopeless for you." Cquote2
X to his opponents

X has white fur and wears mostly black, red and white. His outfit is a black hoodie, the hood having an X on it, black sweatpants with red X's on each leg and black shoes with red X's on them. He wears a black tattered scarf and fights with a long black and silver Arming Sword.




Sword Summoning - Much like Zak, X can summon normal, blue and orange swords to shoot his opponents with.

Lasers - X can fire lasers from his hands, feet, eyes and sword. His lasers are white, red or black.

True X - X gains a large red X on his chest as the rest of his body and clothes turn black, his power is increased by 5,000 times base form.


  1. Pretty obviously, X is a homage to Cross!Sans like Zak is to regular Sans.
  2. X spends his time traveling through the entire omniverse, not just a multiverse or hyperverse.

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